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Global Electronic Cigarette Sales Continue To Increase, How Is The Electronic Cigarette Market?
Aug 11, 2018

Some time ago, countries such as Thailand, Seychelles, Brazil and Argentina banned the sale of e-cigarettes, but e-cigarettes continued to increase in sales worldwide. This article introduces the story of a growing e-cigarette industry through some charts – but how many people know about the consumption of e-cigarettes and why people buy e-cigarettes?

 1. Steam smoke is becoming increasingly pwopular

According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, the number of smokers worldwide has been decreasing but steadily decreasing since 2000, from 1.14 billion at that time to about 1.1 billion now. However, the steam smoke situation is completely different. The number of steam smoke users is increasing rapidly, from approximately 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. The Orient International Market Research Group estimates that the number of adults using steam smoke will reach 55 million by 2021.

 2. The cost of people spending on electronic cigarettes is gradually increasing.

 With the increase in the number of people smoking steam, the electronic cigarette market is expanding. The global steam product market is currently estimated at $22.6 billion (17.1 billion pounds), up from $4.2 billion five years ago. The United States, Japan and the United Kingdom are the largest steam smoke markets. In 2016, three countries spent a total of $163 billion on smokeless tobacco and steam smoke products.

3, open system e-cigarette is the most popular

There are two main types of electronic cigarettes: open systems and closed systems. In an open system, atomized smoke oil can be manually refilled by the user. There is also a detachable filter. The enclosed e-cigarette is replaced by a ready-made replacement and is directly screwed onto the e-cigarette battery. Since 2011, the gap between open e-cigarettes and closed e-cigarettes has gradually widened. It is estimated that this year, steam smoke users will spend 8.9 billion US dollars to buy open electronic cigarettes - also known as pen-type electronic cigarettes, more than twice as much as closed-type electronic cigarettes.

4. Most people buy e-cigarettes from specialty stores.

According to a report published by Ernst & Young, most e-cigarette users purchase the device in a professional store. According to the survey, in 2015, 35% of e-cigarette users in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia and South Korea purchased e-cigarettes in e-cigarette stores. Of the 3,000 users surveyed by Kantar for Ernst & Young, 21% said they had purchased e-cigarettes online. Consumers are expected to buy their first e-cigarette in person to familiarize themselves with new products or seek advice to purchase the product that best suits them. The UK is Europe's largest e-cigarette market with an estimated 2,000 steam smoke outlets.

5. Why do people smoke steam?

The most common reason for using e-cigarettes in countries surveyed by Ernst & Young is that they are “less harmful than ordinary cigarettes”. About 49% of ordinary users said that using electronic cigarettes can help them. The latest report from the UK Department of Public Health on steam smoke highlights evidence that e-cigarettes are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes, and so far there is no evidence that e-cigarettes may encourage young people to smoke. The agency also recommends using e-cigarettes according to prescriptions because they play a role in helping people to help smoke cessation.