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Helping The Smoke-free World Cup, Electronic Cigarettes To Save The Field
Aug 10, 2018

The 2018 Russia World Cup is in full swing. In the group match against Argentina in Argentina, some media took pictures of Maradona smoking cigars in the grandstand box. The old horse with sunglasses and a cigar in his mouth swallowed the clouds, which triggered a heated discussion. .

    As a public place, the World Cup stadium is clearly banned, and the Russian organizers have specially made a prominent slogan to promote smoking bans. It is not known whether Marado will have punishment for Maradona’s disregard of the regulations.

It is reported that in response to the call of the World Health Organization, FIFA and the World Cup Organizing Committee of Russia have already jointly announced that the 2018 World Cup will be smoke-free. Because of the harm of smoking, FIFA has long been committed to resisting tobacco and reducing its harm to the stadium. Since the 1986 World Cup, FIFA no longer accepts tobacco advertising and no longer accepts sponsorship from tobacco companies. This time to create a smoke-free World Cup, to ensure that fans of the game will not be harmed by tobacco.

    In fact, the smoke-free World Cup is not limited to the game. Whether it is in public places or at home, it is necessary to create a smoke-free environment, because second-hand smoke will endanger the health of people around us. As a substitute for traditional cigarettes, Kangcheng Yipin E-cigarette uses a battery to heat the atomized liquid composed of natural extracts to produce water vapor to restore the taste of tobacco and simulate the smoking process. Kangcheng Yipin E-cigarette does not burn, there is no second-hand smoke, no tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, also known as "the revolution of safe and healthy smoking."

In countries such as Europe and the United States, e-cigarettes have become very popular and become a fashion trend. Hollywood star Leonardo has been photographed smoking an electronic cigarette while watching the Champions League, which is said to be trying to quit. E-cigarettes are nicotine replacement methods. By replacing cigarettes and controlling tobacco, they gradually help to quit smoking and get rid of smokers' dependence on cigarettes.