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Vivismoke Ultrasonic Cleaner Mini,make Cleaning Easy,not Trouble
Feb 03, 2018

ViviSmoke Ultrasonic cleaner mini

Make Cleaning easy,not trouble!


Take apart your tanks, RDA's, and throw in all your parts and driptips. Then hit the on button, basically set it and forget it. So simple to use and gets all your attys nice and clean.


If it washs not so good or quickly, run it for a few cycles if your tanks ,RDA parts are really dirty


Have some stuff that was dying to be cleaned? it could help and really save you a lots of money!

Just need needs frequent (weekly) cleaning your vaping stuffs with vivismoke ultrasonic cleanr mini.

you can take a bunch of atomizers apart and wash them all at once.

higher cycle energy waves

Little but powerful

powerful ultrasonic waves will remove all traces of dirt, dust, grime, residue, and grease with ease. All of your mech mods, RDA’s, RBA’s, RTA’s, and tanks will look brand new!

If you are the type of vaper that has multiple tanks and RDA's, then you should own vivismoke Ultrasonic Cleaner mini !

vivismoke ultrasonic cleaner (1).JPG

Vivismoke ultrasonic cleaner mini ,Make Cleaning Easy,Not Trouble!