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2018 Electronic Cigarette Industry Brand Building
May 19, 2018

From the perspective of industry guidance and regulation, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce has been operating for one year and three months. It stands at the forefront of the industry and looks back on the development of the electronic cigarette industry. From the local industry to the international community, it has become China's most exporting product. The emerging industry of the right to speak, no one thought that China’s electronic cigarette has a significant influence in the international arena. Each practitioner is inextricably linked behind, forming an inseparable manufacturing network and uniting around the platform of the electronic cigarette committee. Rapidly promote the 2017 electronic cigarette market to a new level. From the author's point of view, the new industry grows from budding, tends to be stable, forms scale, and nurtures brands. This middle brand benefit will be a key in the process of industrial development and a driving force for promoting industrial quality improvement. In 2018, it will be a brand new e-cigarette brand year.


At the end of March 2018, the Electronic Cigarette Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce received a consistent application from a number of member companies. They hope that the Electronic Cigarette Commission can issue an industry accreditation certificate. According to the "Guangdong Province Famous Trademark Recognition and Management Regulations" requirement, when enterprises apply for famous trademarks, relevant industry associations at or above the provincial level need to issue letters of recommendation to prove that the company's reputation in the industry, sales volume, etc. are among the best, and China The Electronic Chamber of Commerce Electronic Cigarette Committee is affiliated to the national electronic cigarette industry organization and is undoubtedly more convincing. From the demands of member companies, we can see that from the past on the demand for standardization to the recognition of brand, the awareness of independent brands has been continuously improved, and the application of famous trademarks has emerged as a whole. Famous brands with well-known trademarks require people to have a deeper recognition of small electronic cigarettes. Differentiated brand perceptions encourage more enterprises to improve product quality, develop themselves in higher fields, and form a good quality competition. pattern.

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The author believes that to continue to promote more and more companies get the recognition of famous trademarks, the industry has the advantage of full blooming, if the industry more famous trademark companies, brand building work will be effective, this is the e-cigarette committee's biggest task this year It is also the most direct reflection of the value of membership services. It is also the most direct assessment of the work of the e-cigarette committee secretariat. Although the author also serves as an e-cigarette enterprise management job, the related companies that apply for the recommendation may have a competitive relationship with the industry, but they are in the industry. From the point of view, each practitioner should abandon the portal to help promote related companies to achieve higher performance, especially all the work that is beneficial to the brand building of the industry.


2017 is an important year for the development of the electronic cigarette market in China. During the past year, China’s electronic cigarette market has surpassed 25 billion yuan in sales, making it a star of personal consumer electronics. As an ascendant industry, behind the huge market and rapid development momentum, it is the status of China's e-cigarette market that has ever-changing competitive order and market norms. As a major country in the manufacture of e-cigarettes, China is also facing a shift from a traditional overseas market to an emphasis on the booming domestic emerging markets. As the European and American markets mature, as in other industries, China's domestic market will be the next growth point in the world's electronic cigarette industry. Since 2014, the domestic market has witnessed an increase in blowouts. Market sales increased 263% year-on-year in the same period of last year, and users increased by 259% year-on-year. E-cigarette manufacturers, both domestic and foreign, need to face the problem of how to combine their own branding and advantages with the rapid expansion and upgrading of the domestic market. How to get out of the chaos and test the firm's own brand of hardness. Therefore, the construction of e-cigarette branding is almost the number one target for all manufacturers.

Therefore, as a comprehensive embodiment of the competitiveness of enterprises, industries, regions, and countries, and a strategic resource, brands have become important experiences and basic consensus of economic development at home and abroad. In recent years, China has attached great importance to brand building and has issued a series of important policies. For example, since 2017, the State Council has decided to designate May 10 of each year as the "China Brand Day." Many initiatives marked the official rise of brand building as an important national strategy in the new era. All localities have also issued opinions on strengthening the implementation of brand work. The era of branding in the e-cigarette industry has also come in the leaps and bounds of the market.


The reasons for the e-cigarette brand building are related to the ecology and the initial growth path of the e-cigarette industry in China. As a big manufacturing country in the world, China has always been the top spot in the manufacture and export of e-cigarettes. However, similar to the industrial predicament of China's manufacturing industry, China has been the middle and low-end position in the global industrial chain for many years, despite accepting the world’s major Although the e-cigarette brand has been manufactured in an entity, but it lacks independent brands, innovative technologies, and market awareness for a long time. Although it has its own manufacturing advantages, the dividends have gradually weakened. Foreign companies have gradually reversed their disadvantages in independent brands and continuing operations, if not strengthened. Brand building, China's electronic cigarette industry will face another shuffle.


The Electronic Cigarette Committee of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce in 2011 fully promoted the development of industry standardization. The two standards, “General Specification for Electronic Cigarette Appliances” and “Electronic Fog Liquid Regulations,” were issued. At the same time, more than 200 member companies were developed. The output value of production accounts for 70% of the world's total. It has done a lot of work in customs declaration categories, import and export tax rates, and with the initiatives of domestic e-cigarette companies fighting for famous trademarks in 2018, they have led member companies to comprehensively strengthen their corporate brand image. It will be the focus of this year's e-cigarette committee's work. In the future, we will see more high-quality Chinese brands contending in the international market. The birth of China's e-cigarette brand is not impossible.