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The Stainless Steel Drip Tip
Sep 27, 2017

Today we will talk about one part of atomizer- Drip Tip.


Many people will ask is there anything to talk about Drip Tip? shape different? or the material different? yes! it will really effects when you vaping. Today we will talk about a very common Drip Tip--- Stainless Steel Drip Tip


Vivismoke Stainless Steel Drip Tip.jpg

Stainless Steel is the most traditonal material, the color of stainless Steel Drip Tip is almost the same with the color of atomizer, so they will reach a high coordination in outlook colors.


However, the shortcoming of this kind stainless steel Drip Tip is also because its material. As we all know, metal thermal fast, so the stainless steel Drip Tip is also very easy heating up. So wed better usd a long nozzle Drip Tip to help relieve the heat