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The role of cigarette holder
Aug 24, 2017

Long-term use of healthy cigarette holders will have the following obvious effects:
1, the removal of most of the tar in the cigarette, reducing the smoker's tar intake, reduce the tar on the heart, cerebral vascular sclerosis to accelerate the role.
2, sputum reduction, sputum color gradually shallow: the use of filter cigarette holder, can efficiently separate more than 80% of the harmful substances in cigarettes, can effectively alleviate the smoking caused by cough, phlegm, sore throat and other symptoms.
3, slow tooth yellow, tooth black and other symptoms: The experiment proved that in the past every year, smokers who wash teeth once, using filter cigarette holders can be extended for 315 years.
4, the smoke taste is more mellow: the people who used the cigarette holder are very clear, the smoke taste becomes mellow, because the majority of the particulate matter is trapped in the cigarette holder, that is, most of the solid-like material was intercepted, and let the gas-like smoke through, these gas-like substances, basically aromatic substances, so that the flavor of the smoke changed alcohol, the fragrance has been retained, impurities filtered out. Just start with a cigarette holder will feel trouble, feel a lot of formality, but compare up, which is worth it? and smoking by virtue of a good and exquisite process of the cigarette holder, itself is a kind of enjoyment!