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The health risk of e-cigarettes is much lower than that of traditional cigarettes. According to the report from the Public Health Agency in England
Jun 05, 2018

E-cigarette disputes have a long history, but the England Public Health Bureau released a report on the 6th that the health risks of smoking electronic cigarettes are only a "minor part" of the risk of smoking traditional cigarettes.

This assessment report was commissioned by the England Public Health Bureau to complete an independent panel of experts. The report shows that in recent years, the number of people using electronic cigarettes in Britain has reached about 3 million. Electronic cigarettes may help the United Kingdom to quit smoking for at least 20,000 people each year. However, about 40% of smokers in the United Kingdom have not tried electronic cigarettes because many people “erroneously” believe that electronic cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are equivalent to health hazards.

      The electronic cigarette is mainly composed of a battery, an evaporation device and a smoke pipe containing smoke liquid. The smoke liquid contains a certain amount of nicotine. In use, the liquid evaporates with heat and forms smoke for inhalation by the user.

      The report stated that many people misunderstood nicotine. In fact, most of the health hazards of smoking do not originate from nicotine. The report's lead author, Ann McNeil, a professor at the King's College, University of London, said that when people smoke traditional cigarettes, the smoke they inhale contains 7,000 harmful substances, of which 70 are known carcinogens. "Contrary to what most people know, nicotine is less harmful."

The report also said that the existing evidence does not support the view that e-cigarettes are easy for young people to start smoking. The rate of smoking among British youth is continuing to decline.