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The construction of electronic atomizer
Aug 24, 2017

Although the electronic atomizer has a variety of models and styles, but they are generally composed of three parts: batteries, atomizer, smoke bombs, other accessories (including chargers, wire, spray ring, etc.).
The internal structure of the battery uses the same basic components: a lamp PCBA, rechargeable battery, and electronic circuit.
Most electronic atomizer is the use of lithium ion and two times battery power components. Battery life depends on battery type, size, process, frequency of use and operating environment. And many different types of battery chargers are available, such as charger for direct charging, charging, and USB connectors. The battery is the largest component of the electronic atomizer.
Some electronic atomizer uses an electronic airflow sensor to activate the heating element, and a suction will make the battery circuit work. The manual sensor requires the user to press a button and then smoke. Easy to use pneumatic, manual circuit than pneumatic stability, relatively speaking. The amount of smoke is better than the air. Traditionally, electronic smoke is activated by electronic means. This involves the use of a purely manual microphone pneumatic switch and related to the circuit, heating components of the transformation. Users can quickly find that this is not very reliable, with the development of hardware and software, some manufacturers began to develop fully automated mechanical manufacturing of electronic smoke, eliminate the use of manual wiring, welding or electronic, in order to achieve safety and reliability. This is a trend, but when it comes out, it is impossible for China to take advantage of artificially low cost to take up the international market for the manufacture of electronic cigarettes in China, which is something.
The structure of the atomizer is a heating device, through the battery power heating, so that the oil next to the volatile smoke, forming smoke, so that people suck when the effect of "puffing". Its quality depends mainly on the use of materials, heating wire, and technology.
Smoke bombs
Generally speaking, the smoke bomb is the nozzle part, and some factories should be the customer needs to the atomizer and smoke to sit together to make a disposable atomizer. The advantage of doing so is that you can change the color of the nozzle, and by the factory professional injection, to avoid too much or too little of their own liquid injection into the mouth or flow into the battery part of the corrosion of the circuit, the amount of oil is also more than the general smoke bomb, sealing performance is good. Shenzhen, some brands of electronic cigarette factory, the suction nozzle to transform into a soft cigarette holder, the move also solves the problem of electronic smoke to feel the cigarette holder too hard. However, whether it is a disposable atomizer and a soft cigarette holder, the cost is higher than the average smoke bomb.