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Foreigners are paying attention to what to buy electronic cigarettes, vape cultural differences at home and abroad
Jan 27, 2018

In recent years, the rapid development of electronic cigarette industry, the number of electronic cigarette entities also grow rapidly. However, few have investigated the vaper's smoking / vape habits, their preferences, and the reasons for frequent visits to a physical store. External network for these issues to do a small survey, just in time to make up for this part of the blank.

The survey randomly selected 100 e-cigarette store customers and asked them to fill in a simple questionnaire to evaluate their e-cigarette habits, vape preferences, and why they frequented a physical store. In addition, each of them conducted an exhaled carbon monoxide test to detect their smoking status.

The survey results show that most of the participants choose e-cigarettes only for good health and quitting smoking. Nearly 62% of participants have been able to reduce the frequency of cigarette smoking by using electronic cigarettes, and 100% of the participants have already used the new type of experience device with electronic cigarettes.

91% of participants enjoyed more electronic cigarettes than smoked cigarettes, and 80% said they prefer non-tobacco flavored cigarettes - even though 60% of users also show they can accept tobacco only , Will still continue to use electronic cigarettes.


About electronic cigarette, the participants are the most valued three points: battery life, taste and taste of tobacco smoke and smoking withdrawal effect; the most point is "whether it looks or smoke like smoke."

Most people prefer to buy products at e-cig stores because "store employees can help them with e-cigarette-related questions" (85%) and "store-like atmosphere (74%)."

Although domestic and foreign users of e-cigarettes have differences in tastes, habits and cultural backgrounds, they also have some common ground through the data. However, the difference is relatively large, most domestic novice users like tobacco-flavored cigarettes, while 80% of foreign respondents like non-tobacco flavors. From the equipment point of view, the early domestic consumers like more like the shape of cigarettes, while foreign users said indifferent, it is such a vastly different but similar to the formation of the unique charm of Vape!