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Five ways to effectively clean the electronic cigarette atomizer
May 31, 2018

After using the e-cigarette for a period of time, the taste has changed. If the taste is not as good as it was when it was first used, it is mistaken for the quality of the product. However, in reality, this is a problem that all e-cigs have. To ensure that the taste is pure, it is necessary to regularly clean the atomizer, the following will introduce to you the five methods of cleaning the electronic cigarette atomizer.

1, hot or warm water

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Pour a proper amount of hot water into the electronic cigarette atomizer and gently shake it for a minute or two. Then pour the water out and dry it with a hair dryer. This method is simple, but it will leave a strong taste of e-cigarette oil.

2, vinegar

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Place the atomizer in the clean water of the vinegar mixture. After cooking for 10 minutes, rinse the water with a piece of clean water and dry it with vinegar.

3, Coca-Cola

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It takes about 24 hours to soak an electronic cigarette atomizer in Cola, remove it after completion, clean it with water, and blow it dry. This method is cumbersome and the effect may not be ideal.

4, Vodka

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The nebulizer is blown dry and poured into vodka. Close the nebulizer with your finger, gently shake it for 2 minutes, then pour it out, wash it off with hot water, and allow it to dry. This is a more effective method and can basically eliminate the dirt and taste of the electronic cigarette atomizer.

5, oblique placement method

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Place the nebulizer on a piece of paper towel. Within about 1 day, the nebulizer's liquid smoke will slowly flow out, then rinse with warm water and finally dry. This is also a more effective method.