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Electronic cigarette industry in New Zealand
Jun 22, 2018

Since the invention, electronic cigarette products have begun to become popular in the Northern Hemisphere. Why do we say the Northern Hemisphere here? This is because the market for electronic cigarettes is mainly concentrated in the United States, China, and Europe. Compared with the hotness of the Northern Hemisphere, the other side of the Earth seems to be somewhat After learning about it, especially Oceania on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.

There are many voices about whether Australia and New Zealand, which are mainly based in Oceania, are suitable for the development of electronic cigarettes. Although there are many policies in Australia that are not conducive to the development of electronic cigarettes, in Xiaobian's opinion, electronic cigarettes in Oceania are highly promising in New Zealand. The reason is as follows:

Policy support

In order to achieve smoke-free goals, the New Zealand government strongly encourages electronic cigarettes to replace traditional cigarettes, and the Ministry of Health issued a statement stating that “believing that electronic cigarettes will contribute to the 2025 smoke-free target”

At present, the New Zealand government has realized that steam will be an important part of this process. The government listened to research opinions from institutions such as the Royal College of Physicians and the British Medical Council and decided to welcome steam e-cigarettes in hopes of saving many lives lost due to smoking-related diseases.

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In addition, earlier this year, New Zealand’s Maori Party’s co-leader, Maramar Fox, proposed to use more tax revenue for New Zealand’s smoking cessation activities, particularly subsidies for e-cigarettes, in order to achieve the government’s “2025 smoke-free” goal. New Zealand Prime Minister Bill Ingrid said he is open to this.

Including restrictions on IQOS products in many countries also received support in New Zealand. Some time ago, the Wellington Court of New Zealand dismissed a case from the country’s health authorities, allowing Philip Morris International to sell IQOS, its heated tobacco product, in the country. This decision also made the world see New Zealand’s supportive attitude towards electronic cigarette products.

As Lawrence, president of the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association, said, there has been a revolution in New Zealand, and more and more smokers are turning to e-cigarettes to reduce health and economic burdens. New Zealand has the potential to become the second UK market.

The good market

In addition to policy support, Oceania, especially New Zealand, also has a huge consumer market. According to statistics, New Zealand’s per capita GDP is US$40,795, with strong spending power and large market size. The dual benefits of policies and markets will promote the rapid development of electronic cigarettes in New Zealand and Oceania.

At this stage, the New Zealand Vape store is free to sell nicotine liquids, making it quick and easy to switch from smoking to smoking, so the New Zealand market is growing rapidly and new stores are opening every month.

Another sales channel in New Zealand is some non-vape stores such as convenience stores and supermarkets. These types of stores are now selling steam products, which also allows more ordinary smokers to switch to electronic cigarette products.

Loose environment

With the support of policy support and market interest, e-cigarette companies have more room to play.

Some time ago, the New Zealand media Mediaworks broadcasted the first radio advertisement for NZVAPOR.com throughout Auckland. Broadcasting the first radio advertisement in New Zealand is an important milestone in the development of the electronic cigarette industry.

Historically, the broadcast or broadcast of e-cigarette advertisements on radio, television and print media was very difficult for New Zealand's advertising providers, and in many cases it was completely forbidden.


The e-cigarette industry has recently focused on advertising, stating that the e-cigarette market is still moving forward, despite being faced with many obstacles, and it is ready to take the next step toward becoming a mainstream product.