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E-cigarette heating technology is bound by a patent bondage, ultrasonic atomization of electronic cigarettes into the star of tomorrow?
Jan 27, 2018

For the industry giants, the heating technology is the current e-cigarette manufacturers bell jar. Electronic cigarette can not be separated from the atomizer, and the atomizer used on the market, are the use of heating technology. These various heating technology patents, in the hands of major e-cigarette manufacturers. These patents, at a crucial time, to a certain extent, can curb the entry of some industry giants. However, this patent bundle line has been broken! This is a lot of e-cigarette stores to see more business opportunities and opportunities, if you are interested in opening e-cigarette store you can understand the next open e-cigarette store needs

According to the website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, on December 14, Guangdong Xiang Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen officially delivered the products required by the first orders of British customers to the shipping company and formally opened the overseas listing of new tobacco products of Hunan Tobacco prelude. The order is 300 sets of products, 1200 nebulizers.

Although the number of orders is not large, but the technology used in this product is not normal heating atomization technology, but ultrasonic technology.

Electronic cigarette patents and ultrasonic electronic cigarettes

According to the website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the intellectual property rights of this product are Hunan Tobacco, which has been jointly developed by Shenzhen Xiang Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Tobacco Technology R & D Center for a total of 242 applications, of which 37 are international patents .

Entering the keyword search of "Ultrasonic Electronic Cigarette" in Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform, a few pages are all kinds of patents applied by Hunan Tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd., which are related to ultrasonic electronic cigarettes. There are control circuit aspects , There are atomization film drive circuit, as well as the atomization of the atomizer and atomization, as well as ultrasonic atomization film oscillation control circuit and ultrasonic electronic cigarette, and so on. Read a few pages in succession, are also shown there. I was shocked to see this!

Wanfang data knowledge service platform also saw a patent ultrasonic atomization, called "Ultrasonic atomization type electronic cigarette suction device", the applicant (patent right) is Sichuan and Chongqing Tobacco Industrial Co., Ltd., and not only has Utility model patents, but also have patents for inventions, the application date is September 30, 2014.

The contents of the website of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration said that ultrasonic atomization technology has broken the patent bond of traditional heating atomization technology and created a new chapter in the new generation of electronic atomization smoke.

At present, this intellectual electronic cigarette of Hunan Tobacco intellectual property, did not try pumping, do not know how to taste! If the taste is good, the use of trouble, will herald the beginning of a new era!